31st of May, 1st, 2nd of June 2024 - SIGHT - Manipura    —    
31st of May, 1st, 2nd of June 2024 - SIGHT - Manipura    —    
31st of May, 1st, 2nd of June 2024 - SIGHT - Manipura    —    
31st of May, 1st, 2nd of June 2024 - SIGHT - Manipura    —    

SIGHT - Manipura

The sense of SIGHT is associated with the third chakra, Manipura, known as the chakra of willpower. Eyes are considered the mirror of the soul. Paramhansa Yogananda stated: "Your two physical eyes mistakenly lead you to believe that this world of duality is real. Open your spiritual eye and you will see your invisible form. If, in inner silence, your spiritual eye is open, the invisible becomes visible." Manipura, the third chakra, represents the energy processing center where humans can find the strength, determination, and willpower necessary to assert their choices in the world. When this chakra is balanced, it allows us to successfully face the daily challenges that life presents. "I want, I can" becomes our mantra. Manipura is associated with the fire element, its color is yellow, and the associated Bija Mantra is OM RAM.

The retreat will take place on May 31st, June 1st, and 2nd.

31st of May, 1st, 2nd of June 2024

daily program

- SIGHT - Manipura    —    
- SIGHT - Manipura    —    
- SIGHT - Manipura    —    
- SIGHT - Manipura    —    

Aryā & Shivaan

Aryā & Shivaan — Keepers of the Sacred
Creative Couple, Alchemy of the Masculine and Feminine + Women and Men’s Circle Activators, Meditation and Himalayan Yoga Teachers, Holistic Operators, Systemic Constellation Facilitators, Artists of Medicine Music and Traditional Instruments. We are Aryā Giulia Tripodi and Shivaan Riccardo Valsesia. From our relational, creative and professional encounter the duo Keeper of the Sacred was born, a portal through which we share experiences of Rituality, Medicine Music and Ancient Holistic Arts. The intention at the heart of our path and our work is to represent and embody a symbol of union, beauty, consciousness, devotion, healing, integrity, creativity and inner revolution to facilitate a deep and newfound connection to Nature and the Sacred for the birth of a New Humanity. During the enriching experience of Limbo Retreat we are grateful to be in service within the theme of Manipura Chakra. We will offer ceremonies, musical moments and breath+movement based yogic practices inspired by the energy and quality of the Fire Element to cultivate Vitality and Vision.

Morena Shree Sundari Firpo & Sergio Muniz

Akhanda Yoga, like the word Yoga, means complete, indivisible, whole, full, infinite. From the ancient Himalayan lineage of Gorakshnath, the Akhanda method is holistic, inspired, and joyful. The founder of Akhanda Yoga, Yogrishi Vishvketu, is recognized as a witness to contemporary Himalayan Hatha Yoga. He has the great gift of inspiring students to become their true, fearless, and blessed selves. Himalayan Master Yogrishi Vishvketu (PhD) developed Akhanda Yoga to share his 40 years of experience with this expansive and affirmative practice of life. The Akhanda approach carries forward ancient wisdom for a modern age, embracing the entirety of Yoga. Postures, breath, sound, meditation, and yogic wisdom are all skillfully sequenced in each class to align the five layers of the Self. The Anand Prakash Ashram, founded by him in Rishikesh, where Morena returns every year for training and assistance, was recognized in 2017 as one of the top 10 accredited ashrams in the world for YTT (Teacher Training).

Francesco Piacentini

Chef dinner with Francesco Piacentini - Wild Cook Lab. 

A Limbo Retreat is also a culinary journey into the Tuscan tradition with special attention to the selection of locally-sourced, truly zero-kilometer raw materials.

Limbo Sound System

For this occasion, our Limbo Sound System: Luca Bacchetti and Vitamina Jeans will curate downtempo/ambient DJ sets

Luca Bacchetti 

Producer and DJ who has performed in over 80 countries, playing at clubs and festivals, Luca is often referred to as a 'storyteller’, his music is rich with stories to listen to and soundscapes dense with suggestions. His style is refined, versatile, contemporary. A discography that has made him one of the most appreciated Italian artists on the scene. An unpredictable remixer, Luca is a true musical tailor. Noteworthy are his epic sets at Black Rock City! Since 2021, he is a co-founder of Limbo Festival.

Alessandro Stefani aka Vitamina Jeans

Having grown up in the Videomusic Studios at Il Ciocco, Alessandro Stefani is a creative enthusiast passionate about art and music. After attending the Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara and working as a communication consultant for UNICRI United Nations Agency and as a freelance videomaker - directing, among others, the videoclip Poems by God by the italian singer Elisa - he is actively committed to Il Ciocco as a Brand & Communication Manager since 2011 and Creative Director since 2020. Known in underground music circles as Vitamina Jeans, he is co-founder of Limbo Festival.


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